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Neither chance nor circumstance is the maker and molder of your destiny. How you Swagger—meaning how you act and/or react to life’s situations and events—controls your propensity for success, dictates your actual results and defines your past as well as your future.

You can surely feel the heat that emanates from people who possess a set of organized optimal beliefs that imbue a Swagger-Set capable of achieving whatever result they dare to dream.  The challenge is that most individuals and people in leadership positions across society’s institutions are unaware that these powerful and virtuous traits can be cultivated. Most people do not know that they can build and refine the core beliefs from which these traits germinate.  I sincerely believe that this prior statement will be the next generation of how trainers, educators and leaders approach both adult and child learning over the next 100 years and beyond.

Who we are is the summation of what we have come to believe.  As such, you can always tell what kind of timber a person is made of, not by what they say in situations and circumstances, but by how they actually move. We move in accordance with our beliefs; and we do so not because we want to but because we have to.  Our actions are always subservient to our beliefs.

As a leader of “self” and as a leader of others, I know that this simple truth, this wisdom of the ages, is critical to recognize and understand. The collaboration of optimal core beliefs—the Swagger-Set—makes us capable of achieving results.  Conversely, those who do not have Swagger, those who cling to inferior beliefs, are rendered incapable of achieving the results they seek.

Imagine dreaming of riches as an NBA star but never mastering the fundamental of dribbling the ball.  Would you pay the price for a seat at an NBA game to watch players that could shoot but could not dribble, and others who could dribble like a champ but couldn’t shoot to save their lives? I don’t think so…there would be no Swagger, would there?

Just as day cannot exist without night, Swagger cannot be achieved without complete and utter mastery of the fundamental skills of your trade.  People will pay significant money to watch the very best play the magical game of hoops.  Why?  Swagger!  People also pay significant money to those who master the fundamental selling skills/processes.  Why?  Swagger!

Big dreams, big goals, big accomplishments, big results do not come from the handiwork of small, unevolved, underdeveloped people. Big successes come from Big People, and the universal precursor to becoming Big is Belief: Belief about your potential to change, grow and become more tomorrow than you are today. Ultimately in order to fill your personal sales cup with results till it runneth over, you must enshrine in your mind that you have unlimited potential to grow, change and become whatever you must to command success.

It is staggering to me how many times I have met with salespeople seeking results yet are in denial or oblivious to the simple truth that life will not give them their bounty by following just any plan or rules that they wish to follow.  The universe will only reveal and give up her treasures to those men and women who take the time to isolate the right plan, the proper law that rules…The Law of Cause and Effect.

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